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Frozen and Burst Pipe Cleanup Service in Florham Park, NJ

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

frozen pipe burst water damage cleanup near me in florham park, nj A frozen burst pipe in New Jersey can cause serious water damage in your Florham Park home or business, requiring extensive cleanup services.

SERVPRO of Morristown Can Handle All Frozen, Leaking or Burst Pipe Cleanup and Repair Needs In Florham Park

Winter in New Jersey can bring bitter cold weather along with the chance of burst pipe water damage in Florham Park. When the water in your pipes freeze, it causes the water to expand and exert pressure on your pipes. This pressure can cause the frozen copper pipe to rupture or break, allowing water to leak and flood your home. When not quickly discovered and addressed, a frozen pipe can cause major water damage in your home.

If you're faced with burst pipe water damage in New Jersey, you must take immediate action to prevent extensive structural damage and mold growth inside of your property. 

The sooner the water damage restoration process is started after a frozen pipe bursts, the less likely it will be for secondary damages to form.

SERVPRO of Morristown is Northern New Jersey’s leading water damage repair and restoration company in Florham Park. Our team is on call and ready to respond to your frozen, leaking, or burst pipe water damage cleanup 24 hours a day. 

  • Free Estimates
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists
  • We Handle the Insurance Process For You

What To Do When A Frozen Pipe Bursts In Florham Park, NJ

How can you tell a pipe has frozen in your New Jersey home? It's pretty clear when a pipe inside a wall has frozen, as you'll notice that there is suddenly low water pressure, no running water, frost on your pipes, strange odors from drains, or hear clanking sounds inside of your pipes.

When you know you have a frozen pipe, you should:

  1. Immediately turn off the main water supply to prevent the frozen pipe from flooding your home.
  2. Follow the sound of running water or pipes clanking to find the source.
  3. If water is flowing into your home from a burst pipe, immediately call SERVPRO of Morristown. Our emergency team immediately responds to begin water removal and drying out your home.
  4. Call a plumber to fix the broken pipe and unfreeze any other pipes as needed.
  5. Move wet or valuable items to an undamaged, dry space.

Common Causes of Leaking, Burst or Frozen Pipes

  • Below freezing outdoor temperatures
  • Removed or insufficient pipe insulation
  • Heating system isn't on during cold temperatures
  • Regular wear and tear or corrosion overtime
  • Physical damage to the pipe, such as during remodeling activities

Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in New Jersey

At SERVPRO of Morristown, we know how devastating the flooding and water damage from a burst pipe in Florham Park can be.

When your walls, floors, ceilings, and even furniture is soaking wet, it's hard to imagine your home back in pre-damage conditions. Our team works hard to clean up the mess from a frozen burst pipe and restore your home back to normal as soon as possible.

1 - 24/7 Emergency Contact

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown, a representative will take your information and any details about your burst pipe flooding. This way, our team can be properly prepared when they arrive at your property to provide frozen pipe cleanup and repair services.

2 - Water Cleanup & Extraction

There may be flooding and standing water throughout your home when a frozen pipe bursts. When crews arrive, they will immediately begin removing all water from your property. The faster water is cleaned up, the more likely building materials like floors, carpets, trim, or drywall can be saved.

3 - Structure Drying

Once all standing water has been addressed, equipment will be set up around your property to ensure all building materials dry. Demolition is usually a part of the burst pipe cleanup process, as the source of your water damage is behind walls, floors, or ceilings. Drywall will have to be removed in order to ensure all areas affected by water are dried.

4 - Mold Remediation (As needed)

After flooding or water damage from a burst pipe, mold growth is always a possibility. If moisture isn't addressed quickly enough, mold remediation may be required before returning your home to pre-damage conditions.

7 - Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once your structure has been dried, it will be clean and sanitized with an antimicrobial spray. This step ensures that your property is clean and free of bacteria or mold spores.

6 - Restoration

After the water damage cleanup process is complete, our in-house construction team is brought in for restoration. They can replace drywall, trim, flooring, or paint as needed to completely bring your home in Florham Park back to pre-damage conditions.

Burst Pipe Frequently Asked Questions

Are burst pipes covered by insurance?

Yes, the damage resulting from a frozen or burst pipe will be covered by insurance, but the repairs to the broken pipe will not be.

What should I do until SERVPRO emergency response arrives at my home in New Jersey?

When dealing with a burst pipe in your Florham Park home, you can do the following until our emergency team arrives:

  • Stop the source of your water to prevent further water damage. You will likely need to turn off your main water supply.
  • Use towels, mops, or a wet-dry vacuum to get up standing water.
  • Move any furniture out of wet areas.

How can I prevent my pipes from freezing and bursting?

To help prevent pipes from freezing, you should:

  • Insulate pipes
  • Open cabinets to warm pipes under sinks
  • Keep the heat on
  • Winterize your pipes if leaving for an extended amount of time
  • Let faucets drips to keep a continuous flow of water

For Immediate Burst Pipe Flood Damage Cleanup in New Jersey, Call SERVPRO of Morristown 24/7 - 800-734-3213

Professional Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration in New Jersey

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

biohazard cleanup near me in new jersey When providing a biohazard cleanup in New Jersey, SERVPRO of Morristown provides a safe, compassionate, and complete cleaning service.

Cleaning up a trauma or biohazard scene can be both an emotional and dangerous situation. Infectious materials such as blood and bodily fluids are likely to be present and pose a hazard to your health. For this reason, it's important to contact a professional for proper biohazard cleanup in New Jersey.

Biohazard Cleanup - Blood, Death & Crime Scene Cleanup in New Jersey

SERVPRO of Morristown provides a fast, discreet, and compassionate response when you need a professional biohazard cleanup company in New Jersey, from Gillette to Cedar Knolls.

Compassionate Cleaning

Dealing with the aftermath of a trauma scene can be overwhelming and emotional. Our team understands this whirlwind of emotions, and works hard to help ease both the physical and emotional burdens of a biohazard cleaning. Whether you have questions or need a comforting word, we're Here to Help.

Biohazard Scene Dangers

Depending on the type of biohazard, there can be numerous health and safety risks in your property. Trauma scenes can hold bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, or other potentially pathogenic substances. Since first responders like police and health personnel aren't responsible for cleaning up a crime scene or biohazard, the dangers fall on those left behind, who may have no training in proper biohazard cleaning.

Certified Biohazard Remediation Specialists

Our biohazard technicians at SERVPRO of Morristown are IICRC certified and are trained in handling hazardous materials. This means our team fully understands how to clean, sanitize, deodorize, and dispose of biohazard materials in accordance with state and OSHA guidelines.

Our highly trained and certified team of biohazard remediation specialists can clean and disinfect affected areas of all hazardous or contaminated materials. When you call us for biohazard cleanup services, you can expect your space to return to safe and sanitary conditions.

Our Biohazard Cleaning Services in New Jersey

  • Death Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Trauma Cleanup
  • Blood Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Virus Disinfection

Biohazard Cleanup Process:

While every hazard cleanup in New Jersey is unique and requires a specialized plan, our general process is as followed:

  1. Assessment: Inspect and assess the affected area to create a cleaning & disinfection plan.
  2. Containment: Crews take steps to contain the area and maintain the safety of themselves and others during cleanup. This helps prevent the spread of any potentially pathogenic substances resulting from a death, crime, medical waste, or traumatic event.
  3. Cleaning: Our team cleans and removes all visible traces of blood, feces, bodily fluids, or other biohazards from appropriate materials.
  4. Removal: Crews remove any affected porous materials and discard of them following proper health and safety regulations.
  5. Sanitizing & Deodorization: Once the area has been cleaned and contaminated materials removed, the area can be sanitized with EPA-rated disinfectants and any lingering odors removed.

Frequently Asked Questions: Biohazard Cleanup in New Jersey

Who pays to clean up a crime scene?

In most cases, the property owner where the event occurred is responsible to pay for crime scene cleanup. However, in some cases homeowners insurance will cover the cost of cleaning up after an unattended death. If you aren't sure about your situation, call your insurance company and inquire about coverage.

How much does biohazard cleanup cost in New Jersey?

The average cost for a biohazard cleanup ranges from $3,000-$5,000, but is completely dependent on the extent of damages, type of hazard material, and what building materials have been affected by the biohazard.

Do you need a certification to perform biohazard cleanup?

While it is not required to obtain a certificate to become a biohazard technician, SERVPRO of Morristown does provide training for the health and safety of both our workers and customers. Any trustworthy biohazard cleanup and restoration company in New Jersey should train their technicians according to OSHA guidelines.

For Biohazard Cleaning Services in New Jersey, Call SERVPRO of Morristown

24/7 Water Damage Restoration in New Jersey

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

water damage restoration in new jersey. When you're dealing with water leaks or flooding, you need help from a water restoration company in New Jersey as soon as possible.

Local Flood and Water Damage Restoration in North Jersey

For over 14 years, SERVPRO of Morristown has provided flood damage cleanup and restoration services to countless homes and businesses in Morris County and across Northern New Jersey. When you're looking for water damage restoration companies in NJ, SERVPRO of Morristown is Here to Help, 24 hours a day.

Fast 24-Hour Emergency Service

Whenever you need SERVPRO of Morristown, we'll be there. Flooding and water emergencies can happen at any time, and that's why we're on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

IICRC Certified Water Restoration Experts

SERVPRO of Morristown's team is made up of highly trained and IICRC certified water damage cleanup specialists. We have the experience and resources needed to quickly restore your property to normal conditions and answer any questions or concerns.

Free Damage Inspection and Estimate

A Project Manager can carefully inspect the water damage in your New Jersey property. They determine the type of water damage and identify all areas that have been affected and provide and water damage cleanup estimate free of charge.

Directly Bill Your Insurance Carrier

SERVPRO of Morristown directly communicates with your insurance company, making a stressful time easier for you.

Water Damage Restoration Services in New Jersey

When it comes to flood cleanup or flood remediation in New Jersey, SERVPRO of Morristown's water damage restoration services can make your disaster seem "Like it never even happened."

Water Removal and Flood Cleanup

Whether you're dealing with flooding from a burst pipe, water heater, or after heavy rains, our team can provide rapid water cleanup services. Whether there's four feet of water in your basement or your carpet is saturated, SERVPRO of Morristown will provide complete water extraction services in New Jersey.

Moisture Detection

SERVPRO of Morristown utilizes moisture detection equipment that allows us find all areas of 'hidden' moisture in your home. A visual inspection isn't enough when it comes to water damage, as what seems dry may actually contain high levels of moisture.

Drying and Dehumidification

Taking the proper steps to dry your New Jersey property after flood damage is extremely important to avoid structural issues or a widespread mold contamination. SERVPRO of Morristown utilizes advanced, commercial grade drying equipment in your home or business to ensure all moisture is removed.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

SERVPRO of Morristown cleans, repairs, and disinfects restorable items and materials that sustain water damage using a number of restoration techniques. Your property receives a sanitizing treatment to ensure no dirt, harmful bacteria, or mold spores are left behind.


SERVPRO of Morristown can completely restore your home once the water damage repair process has been completed. Our in-house construction team can handle anything from small repairs to major reconstruction services.

Other Water Damage Services

What To Do After Water Damage or Flooding in New Jersey

While waiting for your water restoration company in New Jersey to arrive, there are steps you can take to prevent further damage to your home:

  1. Be aware of any safety hazards, such as electronics or contaminated water
  2. Find the source of water
  3. Stop the source if possible
  4. Try to clean up water with mops, buckets, or towels
  5. Open windows and turn on fans to circulate air
  6. Move wet items if possible

Common Causes of Water Damage in New Jersey

There's many causes of water damage in New Jersey, ranging from extreme weather to faulty plumbing:

When is Water Damage Restoration in New Jersey Covered by Insurance?

When It's Covered:

Your insurance company will cover water damage when it is deemed sudden, unanticipated, or accidental. Examples include:

  • Supply line hose suddenly breaks
  • Your dishwasher suddenly floods your home

When It's Not Covered:

Your insurance company will not cover damages that could've been easily prevented or result from poor maintenance. If you ignore a problem that would be covered by insurance and file a claim years later, it's unlikely they will cover the cleanup or repairs. Examples include:

  • You let your toilet leak for years, causing the ceiling to cave in
  • Heavy rains cause your basement to flood

For Water Damage Restoration in New Jersey, Call SERVPRO of Morristown - 800-734-3213

Ice Dam Water Damage Repair in Morristown, NJ

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

ice dam leaking into house, ice dam water damage repair near me morristown, nj When an ice dam leaks into your home in Morristown, you need immediate ice dam water damage repair services.

New Jersey is known for bitter cold winters. When freezing temperatures and snow hit Morristown, the roof of your home is at high risk of forming an ice dam. If an ice dam leaks into your house, you can end up dealing with extensive water damage.

For ice dam water damage repair services in Morristown, call the water restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Morristown - 800-734-3213

SERVPRO of Morristown has the experience, training, and equipment needed to quickly return your home or business to pre-damage conditions after ice dam water damage. Our team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to provide immediate emergency response services.

Ice Dam Water Damage Repair Services

When an ice dam leaks into your home and causes water damage, SERVPRO of Morristown is Here to Help.

Ice Dam Damage Inspection

Once you call SERVPRO of Morristown, a Project Manager will meet with you at your property to assess damages. The Project Manager will identify all areas affected by your ice damming problem, and create a water damage restoration plan for your home or business.

Water Removal and Cleanup

Once crews arrive on site, they immediately begin removing any standing water to prevent further damages to your home. The quicker you call SERVPRO of Morristown, the quicker we can begin saving your property from further water damage.

Complete Drying Services

Any wet areas of your property will be dried out using commercial grade drying equipment. This may include air movers, dehumidifiers, floor drying mats, or other specialized equipment as needed.

The drying process for ice dam water damage repair usually includes demolition. In order to ensure inside ceilings, walls, and floors dry, drywall or flooring must be removed to expose affected areas. SERVPRO of Morristown takes special care to address 'hidden' water damage in your property.


Once all water damaged areas have been confirmed dry by a moisture reading, restoration services can begin. Our in house construction team can seamlessly take over your project to replace ceilings, drywall, flooring, or make touch-up repairs as needed.

How To Handle Ice Dam Water Damage

You can't expect the problems that ice dams cause to go away once the wall of ice melts. There are steps you should take when an ice dam leaks into your house to prevent extensive or long term damages.

1 - Try to contain the water leak

If an ice dam leaks into your home, your first step should be trying to contain the damages. If water is actively causing roof leaks or ceiling leaks, set out buckets or tarps to catch water. This can help prevent extensive water damage throughout your property until help arrives.

2 - Call an ice dam removal company

The melting snow and ice will only continue to leak in to your home until the dam is removed or completely melts away. You may find many DIY methods for removal online, but we recommend only calling the professionals. This is because DIY ice dam removal can be dangerous and can end up causing further damage to your roof.

3 - Call your insurance company and file a claim

Your homeowners insurance will cover ice dam water damage repair services. But, they will not pay for removal.

4 - Call SERVPRO of Morristown for ice dam water damage restoration services

As water damage restoration specialists, our team is highly trained and qualified to handle any water disaster in Morristown. If needed, SERVPRO of Morristown can even provide mold remediation services for your property.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Ice dams form when temperatures in your attic are above freezing and warm up your roof. When the snow on the roof melts, it flows down the roof and refreezes at the colder eaves. Melted snow refreezes at the eaves as this area of the roof extends past the heated portion of your home, causing it to be cooler.

As this process repeats, snow melt collects under the growing dam. Over time, water backs up under the roof shingles, penetrating the roof sheathing and causes a roof leak. From here, water can migrate throughout your home.

Damages caused by ice dams include:

  • Damaged roof shingles
  • Sagging gutters
  • Wet insulation
  • Roof Leaks
  • Interior water damage to ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Mold growth

Preventing Ice Dams

The best way to avoid the need for ice dam water damage repair services is to prevent them before they form. Take the following steps to prevent ice dam damage to your Morristown home:

Insulate your attic 

Your attic must stay cold to avoid warming your roof. Take steps to prevent warm air leaking into the attic through doors or light fixtures. Simply using insulation tape or putting down another later of insulation can help prevent a warm attic.

Ventilate your roof 

If your home is constantly battling ice dam formation, you should contact a roofing company to better ventilate your roof. Installing vents at the eaves and ridge of your roof can circulate air under your entire roof, keeping it cool.

Remove snow with a roof rake

A simple way to prevent the snow and ice melting on your roof is to remove snow before it has a chance to melt. This way, there is no way it can leak into your home.

Ice Dam Water Damage in Morristown? Call SERVPRO 24/7 - 800-734-3213

Puffback Cleanup in Florham Park, NJ

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

soot removal, puffback cleanup near me florham park, nj After a major puffback, your Florham park home likely needs professional furnace puffback cleanup services.

Dealing with the smoke and soot from a furnace puffback in your Florham Park home can be an enormous challenge. When a furnace puff back occurs, black soot and smoke residues can cover walls, floors, ceilings, and even the furniture in your home.

For professional puffback cleanup services, call the smoke and soot damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Morristown - 800-734-3213

SERVPRO of Morristown can provide immediate furnace puffback cleanup services in Florham Park. With over 14 years of experience cleaning soot and smoke damage, our team has the knowledge and tools needed to return your home to normal.

Furnace Puffback Cleanup Services in Florham Park

When your heating system misfires and causes a puffback, SERVPRO of Morristown can provide the following cleaning services:

Puffback Smoke and Soot Damage Inspection and Assessment

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown, a Project Manager will meet on site to inspect all damages from your puffback. They will create a specialized cleaning plan, explain our cleaning process, and answer any questions.

Smoke and Soot Cleaning Services

The team at SERVPRO of Morristown cleans every inch of your property using specialized smoke and soot removal equipment. Walls, floors, and ceilings are completely cleaned, along with furniture, counters, and windows. Every surface that has been affected by soot or smoke residues are cleaned. For fabric or upholstered items, such as clothing or bedding, are also specially cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning

If your home has a forced air heating system, having the air ducts cleaned after a puffback is highly important. Without this step, soot and smoke can recover your home once your heating system is turned back on. Additionally, air duct cleaning helps to ensure unwanted odors are removed.


After a furnace puffback, a heavy smoke smell may linger around your home. SERVPRO of Morristown can remove odors from a puffback by using specialized chemicals and equipment like HEPA filter air scrubbers. Air scrubbers remove smoke and soot particles from the air, which contribute to smoke doors.


In this step, your Florham Park home or business is restored to pre-damage conditions. This may be as simple as painting or replacing an area of drywall. Our in-house construction team can take care of the restoration process.

What To Do After A Puffback

There are a few simple steps you can take after a furnace puffback to prevent further soot or smoke damage to your home:

Turn Off Your Heating System

This will prevent further puffbacks and stop soot and smoke from spreading around your home. Don't turn it back on or use it until you've been told it's safe to do so.

Call Your Insurance Company

Many times, the soot and smoke damage caused by a puffback in Florham Park is covered by your homeowner's insurance. This means that they will pay for puffback cleanup services, but will not cover the cost of repairing your furnace or boiler if needed.

Call An HVAC Technician

You'll want to have the problem which caused excess fuel to build up in the combustion chamber of your heating system fixed. If you don't have your furnace or boiler repaired after a puffback, it's likely to occur again.

Contact A Local Smoke Damage Restoration Company For Furnace Puffback Cleanup

While these companies usually provide a professional cleaning after a house fire, the damage resulting from a puffback is similar to a fire. This make fire damage restoration companies the best choice for removing the soot and smoke in your home.

What You Shouldn't Do After A Puffback

There are actually a few things you shouldn't do after a puffback in your home, such as trying to remove smoke and soot yourself, scrubbing walls, or cleaning fabric items.

You shouldn't do these things because:

  • Scrubbing smoke and soot residues can further embed them into building materials
  • Using the improper tools or chemicals for cleaning will make it harder for a puffback cleanup company to clean later
  • Cleaning smoke-damaged fabrics improperly will result in having to throw them away

Need Furnace Puffback Cleanup in Florham Park, NJ? Call SERVPRO of Morristown 24/7 - 800-734-3213

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Morristown, NJ

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

water in basement. flooded basement cleanup near me morristown, nj As a flooded basement cleanup company, SERVPRO of Morristown is Here to Help 24/7 when there's water in your basement.

When there's water in your basement in Morristown, you need immediate assistance. 

SERVPRO of Morristown is your local flooded basement cleanup company, dedicated to quickly and efficiently returning your basement to pre-flood conditions. Our team of water damage restoration specialists are on call 24/7 to provide emergency flood cleanup services to Morristown residents.

  • Rapid Water Removal
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Free Estimates

Rapid Flooded Basement Cleanup Services in Morristown

SERVPRO of Morristown has cleaned up countless flooded basements in New Jersey. Whether your water emergency is due to a sump pump failure, heavy rains, or a burst pipe, our team is prepared to help.

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown for flooded basement cleanup, our team performs the following services:

  1. Emergency Water Removal - SERVPRO of Morristown rapidly removes all the water in your basement after we arrive on site.
  2. Basement Drying - Wet or flood damaged items will be moved out of affected areas. Then, commercial grade fans and dehumidifiers are set up to remove all moisture. Depending on the amount of water that was in your basement, walls or floors may be partially removed to ensure complete drying.
  3. Cleaning & Sanitizing - When equipment is removed, areas affected by flood water will be cleaned, sanitized, and sprayed with antimicrobial. This ensures no dirt, bacteria, or mold spores are left behind.
  4. Restoration - Depending on whether your basement is finished, unfinished, and the amount of damages sustained, you may need drywall replaced or touch-up painting. Our in-house construction team will take over to ensure your basement is restored completely.

Common Questions

Is flooded basement cleanup covered by my homeowner's insurance?

Your insurance company may or may not cover your flood cleanup depending on the source of flooding. If flooding is due to a broken pipe, water supply line, or faulty appliance, the damages should be covered. A flooded basement is not usually covered when due to groundwater or a failed sump pump. If your basement is prone to flooding, it's a good idea to invest in additional sump pump or flood insurance.

Can I cleanup my basement myself?

Yes, you can clean up the water in your basement yourself using mops, towels, and a wet dry vacuum. Depending on the amount of water, it may be better to have a professional water damage company perform the cleanup. This way, you can be sure that your basement has been properly dried.

Will a flooded basement cause mold?

Anytime there's flooding or water damage in your home, mold can grow. But, it can be avoided by taking fast action against moisture. Mold usually begins to grow in 48 hours when water damage occurs and isn't addressed.

Call Now For Flooded Basement Cleanup in Morristown - 800-734-3213

Professional Soot Cleanup Services in New Jersey

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

soot on walls and floors. soot removal service near me in new jersey When smoke and soot covers your home after a fire or puffback, SERVPRO of Morristown can provide complete soot removal services.

After a fire or furnace puffback in your New Jersey home, soot and smoke residues can cover your entire property. A layer of black soot may cover walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and more. If you don't take fast action, smoke and soot may even damage materials not originally affected by your disaster.

When you need professional soot removal services in New Jersey, SERVPRO of Morristown is Here to Help - 800-734-3213

Our team of fire and smoke damage restoration specialists can provide complete smoke and soot cleanup services. With over 14 year of experience, you can be sure SERVPRO of Morristown can completely clean soot from your home.

Soot Removal, Cleanup and Restoration Services in New Jersey

While the soot in your home may not be from fire damage, the cleanup process stays the same. SERVPRO of Morristown works quickly to prevent further soot damage to your New Jersey property.

1 - Emergency Contact

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown, a representative will ask the following questions to best assist you:

  • When did the fire damage occur?
  • What areas of your home are affected?
  • Is there water damage from the firefighting efforts?
  • Have you filed an insurance claim?

2 - Inspection and Soot Damage Assessment

A Project Manager will inspect your property to create a cleaning and restoration plan. The Project Manager will explain the soot cleaning process, the project timeline, and answer any questions.

3 - Smoke and Soot Removal From All Surfaces

Once your smoke and soot cleanup plan has been created, our team will immediately begin work. Using specialized cleaning techniques, chemicals, and dry cleaning sponges, our team will remove soot from ceilings, walls, and other affected surfaces. Your property will receive a professional soot removal service.

4 - Deodorization

To ensure complete restoration services, our team will also remove soot and smoke odors from your home. Equipment such as HEPA filter air scrubbers are installed to remove smoke and soot particles from the air.

5 - Restoration

Once smoke and soot removal services have been completed, your property can move on to restoration. Restoration means that your home or business will be brought back to pre-damage conditions. This may include major repairs or small fixes such as painting or replacing drywall.

How To Minimize Soot Damage in Your Home

Fast action is the key to minimize the damages from smoke and soot in your home. The longer you wait to start the soot damage restoration process, the harder and more expensive it will be for a professional soot removal company to perform cleanup.

Before a smoke and soot cleanup company arrives at your property, there are a few steps you can take to prevent further soot damage:

  • If soot damage is caused by a puffback, turn off your heating system immediately
  • For a puffback, do not use your heating system until it has been repaired and cleaned of all smoke and soot
  • If the weather permits, open windows to allow air flow throughout your home
  • Avoid touching surfaces covered in smoke or soot residues
  • DON'T try to perform soot removal and cleaning yourself. Improperly cleaning soot can further embed the particles into building materials, making it harder to clean for professional soot removal services.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Morristown as soon as possible to begin smoke and soot cleanup services

Call SERVPRO of Morristown For Soot Removal and Cleanup Services in New Jersey - 800-734-3213

Furnace Puffback Cleanup in Morristown, NJ

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

furnace puffback soot cleanup near me morristown nj When a puffback occurs in your Morristown home, the soot and smoke on your walls require professional puffback cleanup services.

When your furnace misfires and a puff back occurs, black soot and sticky smoke residues can cover every surface of your Morristown, NJ home. While you may want to start cleaning up the damages yourself right away - you should leave the cleanup to the professionals.

For a professional puffback cleanup, you can call the soot and smoke damage specialists at SERVPRO of Morristown for rapid cleaning and restoration services.

What To Do After A Puffback

After a furnace puff back in your home, there are steps you should take to prevent further smoke damage and ensure your puffback cleanup goes smoothly.

After A Puffback, Do NOT:

  • Clean smoke and soot residues yourself
  • Scrub walls with soap or other cleaning products
  • Use your home heating system
  • Touch walls, ceilings, or items covered in smoke and soot

When you do any of these things after a puffback, it can make damages worse. Improper cleaning of smoke and soot can embed it further into walls and make it harder for the professionals to clean.

After a Puffback, Do:

  • File an insurance claim
  • Have your heating system repaired by an HVAC technician
  • Contact a local smoke damage restoration company for puffback cleanup services
  • Have your heating system cleaned before using it again

Puffback Cleanup Services

SERVPRO of Morristown works hard to clean your home of all soot, smoke, or odors after a puffback. When you call SERVPRO of Morristown for puffback cleanup, your home will receive a specialized soot and smoke cleaning plan.

Our furnace puffback cleanup services include:

  1. Smoke Damage Assessment - A Project Manager will inspect the damages to your property and explain the restoration process in detail.
  2. Set Up Equipment - As fire damage restoration specialists, SERVPRO of Morristown uses specialized equipment like HEPA filter air scrubbers to remove soot and smoke particles from the air. This helps to neutralize smoke odors as well.
  3. Structure Cleaning - SERVPRO of Morristown will clean every surface and item affected by smoke or soot in your property. Using specialists smoke and soot chemicals and cleaning equipment, we make sure no trace is left behind of your puffback.
  4. Air Duct Cleaning - Before using your heating system again, it will need to be cleaned of all soot and smoke so that it doesn't cover your home in unwanted residues. This step is also essential for removing odors.
  5. Restoration - Our in-house construction team can take over to perform any painting or repairs as needed to restore your home to pre-damage conditions.

Need Cleanup After A Puff Back in Morristown? Call SERVPRO For A Free Estimate!

SERVPRO of Morristown accepts all insurance carriers and will handle the process for you. Our team is on call 24/7 to respond to your fire or smoke emergency. Whatever the damage, we're ready to make it "Like it never even happened."

Mitigation Vs Restoration - What's The Difference?

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

mitigation vs. restoration. SERVPRO logo SERVPRO of Morristown is your local water damage mitigation and restoration company in New Jersey.

When you experience flooding or water leaks in New Jersey, you'll likely contact a water damage company like SERVPRO of Morristown to handle the damages. But, you may not know much about what they actually do. Here, we will go over the differences in water mitigation and water restoration to help you understand the water damage process.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is the first step in the water damage process, and is simply preventing further damages to your property. Mitigation companies will take steps to minimize your loss and are most effective when called in immediately after damages have occurred.

Water damage mitigation efforts include:

  • Removing all wet furniture
  • Water extraction
  • Removing damaged materials such as drywall, flooring, or ceilings
  • Ensuring the building's structural integrity
  • Cleaning & sanitizing to prevent spread of mold or bacteria
  • Start the drying process with commercial grade air movers, dehumidifiers, or floor mats
  • Boarding up of any windows or applying tarps to prevent further water damage as needed

The mitigation process does not take long, and is usually completed during the initial emergency services for your property. When completed immediately after your loss has occurred, mitigation measures can significantly cut down on the amount of restoration needed.

For example, removing standing water within hours after flooding occurs will prevent water seeping into subfloors or ceilings. With this fast action, carpets or even hardwood floors will sustain less damage and be more likely to be restored. Rapid water mitigation efforts also prevent mold, which can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours after water damage.

What Is Water Restoration?

Water restoration follows mitigation, and refers to repairing and restoring your property of water damage. The restoration process takes more time than mitigation. This is because the purpose is to return your home or business to pre-damage conditions.

Water damage restoration services include:

  • Replacing damaged walls, ceilings, or flooring
  • Mold remediation if needed
  • Performing moisture testing to ensure the issue is resolved

Water restoration companies repair and reconstruct your property with an emphasis on the consequences of water damage. This may overlap with a construction company if your home needs a kitchen or bathroom rebuild following major water damage.

Common Questions

Isn't it more cost effective to just replace than to mitigate and restore?

No, it is not. In most cases it costs less to have a water damage company clean & salvage damaged materials than replace them. Well experienced restoration companies know what must be replaced and what can be salvaged. Many times, they may try to salvage materials before deciding to replace, making water mitigation and restoration more cost effective.

Are mitigation and restoration companies the same?

Most of the time mitigation and restoration is performed by the same water damage company. There are companies that specialize in just one or the other. However, it is usually best to use a company that provides complete water damage services to ensure the process is completed properly and in a timely manner.

If I just remove wet materials myself, floors, ceilings, or interior structures will dry themselves.

No, this is not correct. Drying equipment is needed to ensure no moisture is left behind in your property. The detection equipment that restoration professionals use also ensures that all water affected areas are addressed and completely dried. Not taking these steps can result in structural issues and mold growth over time.

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What To Do When Ice Dams Leak In Your House

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling leak from ice dam in madison, nj near me An ice dam on the roof of this Madison, NJ home caused a serious ceiling leak which required extensive water damage restoration.

Your home may be extra cozy after a big snowstorm, but it's also extra likely for ice dams to form on your roof after a heavy snow. The leaks that result from ice dams can cause extensive water damage and mold growth throughout your Madison, NJ home. Here, we will review how to deal with roof or ceiling leaks from ice dams.

Why Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams essentially form because of higher than freezing temperatures in your attic. When temperatures are above freezing, it causes your roof to warm up. This melts the snow and ice on your roof, which then drips down and refreezes at your roof eaves. The continually melting snow causes the ice dam on your roof to grow larger and larger over time.

How Do Ice Dams Leak Into Your House?

Over time, an ice dam causes melted snow water to backup underneath your roof shingles. Once water penetrates the waterproof protective barrier on the sheathing of your roof, you'll be dealing with a roof leak from an ice dam.

Once water flows into the attic of your home, you'll begin to see signs of water damage from the roof leak. 

Signs of water damage from an ice dam include:

  • Wet insulation in the attic
  • Visible water leaks
  • Water stains on ceilings in living spaces
  • Bubbling paint
  • Mold growth in attic or on ceilings
  • Buckling or bending walls, floors, or ceilings

What To Do When Ice Dams Leak Into Your Home

When you identify an ice dam on your roof, you want to act fast to prevent further damages to your home. Water damage can cause serious structural deterioration to your home, and the ice dam can damage your roof or come crashing down at a moment's notice. Take these steps when you notice roof or ceiling leaks from ice dams:

1.  Call a professional for ice dam removal in New Jersey

We always recommend calling in a professional ice dam removal company to get rid of these damaging blocks of ice on your roof. Climbing onto your snowy roof is a major safety hazard, and DIY ice dam removal tips can end up causing more damage to your roof when you use a hammer or calcium chloride to melt it off. Professional ice dam removal companies use steam machines, which effectively and safely melt ice dams from your roof.

  • This step helps stop the leaks in your roof until you have a company come out to complete needed repairs.

2.  Call your insurance company

Your homeowners insurance policy should cover the damages caused by your ice dam, but will not cover ice dam removal. You'll want to file a claim so that you're not stuck paying thousands of dollars for needed water damage restoration and roof repairs. The companies that come out to fix damages can be paid by your insurance company directly.

3.  Call a water damage restoration service in New Jersey

You'll need a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Morristown to clean up the damage due to attic or ceilings leaks from an ice dam. SERVPRO of Morristown can address all wet drywall, wet ceilings, wet carpets, water stains, or mold caused by ice dams leaking into your home.

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown we:

  • Take detailed information on the cause of your water damage
  • Send out a Project Manager to inspect all damages and create a drying & restoration plan
  • Provide emergency water removal services
  • Set up all needed drying equipment, such as air mover, dehumidifiers, or floor mats
  • Perform demolition of wet areas as needed to ensure proper drying
  • Perform mold remediation as needed
  • In-house construction team ensures your home is brought back to pre-damage conditions

4.  Take steps to prevent ice dams in the future

To prevent roof or ceiling leaks from ice dams from happening again, you can take the following steps:

  • Remove snow with a roof rake after heavy snow
  • Properly insulate your attic from the living space so that it stays cool
  • Make sure your attic has proper ventilation to keep the roof cool
  • Clean your gutters so that melting snow easily drains away from the roof

Ice Dams Leaking Into Your Home in New Jersey? Call SERVPRO For Immediate Assistance - 800-734-3213

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