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Puffback Cleanup in Florham Park, NJ

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

soot removal, puffback cleanup near me florham park, nj After a major puffback, your Florham park home likely needs professional furnace puffback cleanup services.

Dealing with the smoke and soot from a furnace puffback in your Florham Park home can be an enormous challenge. When a furnace puff back occurs, black soot and smoke residues can cover walls, floors, ceilings, and even the furniture in your home.

For professional puffback cleanup services, call the smoke and soot damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Morristown - 800-734-3213

SERVPRO of Morristown can provide immediate furnace puffback cleanup services in Florham Park. With over 14 years of experience cleaning soot and smoke damage, our team has the knowledge and tools needed to return your home to normal.

Furnace Puffback Cleanup Services in Florham Park

When your heating system misfires and causes a puffback, SERVPRO of Morristown can provide the following cleaning services:

Puffback Smoke and Soot Damage Inspection and Assessment

When you call SERVPRO of Morristown, a Project Manager will meet on site to inspect all damages from your puffback. They will create a specialized cleaning plan, explain our cleaning process, and answer any questions.

Smoke and Soot Cleaning Services

The team at SERVPRO of Morristown cleans every inch of your property using specialized smoke and soot removal equipment. Walls, floors, and ceilings are completely cleaned, along with furniture, counters, and windows. Every surface that has been affected by soot or smoke residues are cleaned. For fabric or upholstered items, such as clothing or bedding, are also specially cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning

If your home has a forced air heating system, having the air ducts cleaned after a puffback is highly important. Without this step, soot and smoke can recover your home once your heating system is turned back on. Additionally, air duct cleaning helps to ensure unwanted odors are removed.


After a furnace puffback, a heavy smoke smell may linger around your home. SERVPRO of Morristown can remove odors from a puffback by using specialized chemicals and equipment like HEPA filter air scrubbers. Air scrubbers remove smoke and soot particles from the air, which contribute to smoke doors.


In this step, your Florham Park home or business is restored to pre-damage conditions. This may be as simple as painting or replacing an area of drywall. Our in-house construction team can take care of the restoration process.

What To Do After A Puffback

There are a few simple steps you can take after a furnace puffback to prevent further soot or smoke damage to your home:

Turn Off Your Heating System

This will prevent further puffbacks and stop soot and smoke from spreading around your home. Don't turn it back on or use it until you've been told it's safe to do so.

Call Your Insurance Company

Many times, the soot and smoke damage caused by a puffback in Florham Park is covered by your homeowner's insurance. This means that they will pay for puffback cleanup services, but will not cover the cost of repairing your furnace or boiler if needed.

Call An HVAC Technician

You'll want to have the problem which caused excess fuel to build up in the combustion chamber of your heating system fixed. If you don't have your furnace or boiler repaired after a puffback, it's likely to occur again.

Contact A Local Smoke Damage Restoration Company For Furnace Puffback Cleanup

While these companies usually provide a professional cleaning after a house fire, the damage resulting from a puffback is similar to a fire. This make fire damage restoration companies the best choice for removing the soot and smoke in your home.

What You Shouldn't Do After A Puffback

There are actually a few things you shouldn't do after a puffback in your home, such as trying to remove smoke and soot yourself, scrubbing walls, or cleaning fabric items.

You shouldn't do these things because:

  • Scrubbing smoke and soot residues can further embed them into building materials
  • Using the improper tools or chemicals for cleaning will make it harder for a puffback cleanup company to clean later
  • Cleaning smoke-damaged fabrics improperly will result in having to throw them away

Need Furnace Puffback Cleanup in Florham Park, NJ? Call SERVPRO of Morristown 24/7 - 800-734-3213

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